16 Punkt. Ein Kalender als Ausstellung


Stefan Hobmaier

Stefan Hobmaier, München

Lisa Gumprich



Corona. Mid-March 2020, the world suddenly came to a standstill. Stefan Hobmaier ventures a photographic interpretation of this special time. The professional photographer gains creative perspectives from the Corona crisis despite a sudden professional standstill and surprises the viewer. He mirrors his situation by posing in the limited space of his apartment. His self-mocking self-portraits show the fun of exaggeration. Not just the photographs from the first lockdown are visually surprising; the calendar concept has also never been seen before. In times when museums and exhibitions have to remain closed, the photographer conceives his calendar as an exhibition for the wall. Attached is the plan for hanging it, as well as nails, tape measure, white gloves and the monthly calendars as exhibit signage. The year begins not as usual on January 1, but on March 16, 2021 – and thus exactly one year after the first complete standstill in Germany and in large parts of the world caused by the pandemic.