Albenkalender 2018


Michael Heinsen, Patrik Fuchs, Marc Trautmann, Uwe Duettmann, Jo van den Berg,, Philipp Rathmer, Harry Weber, Holger Wild, Christian Schmidt, Alex Rank, Christoph Morlinghaus


seltmann+söhne, Berlin


Oliver Seltmann

Sandro Heindel


Seltmann Printart

Jury comment:
Nowadays great photos in image-calendars are rarely seen really large. For many the cost of a large-format production is too extreme. Yet Seltmann + Söhne decided on the production of a Photo-Big-Size Calendar, given to art buyers, photo-editors and creators in Germany, with the aim of being present one whole year in the most important agencies, conference rooms and editorial offices. A good idea ! What resulted is a fine XXL calendar with twelve unusual photographs by twelve well-known photographers.