Registration for the 2021 Publishers Calendar

By participating in our competition, you give your calendars a great, publicity-attracting entrance. Due ti the Corona pandemic, we are unfortunately not yet able to make any firm statements as to where your calendar can be exhibited this year and next. The awards from Graphischer Klub Stuttgart can be used to promote sales in time for the Christmas business.

Allowed in this category are any kind of Commercial Calendars

The GREGOR takes a break

The Gregor Calendar Award is suspended for one year. The background to this is the manifold effects of the Corona pandemic, which have not passed by without consequences even for the renowned competition, which has been successfully held for 71 years, and which will probably accompany us all into next year. The organizers will use the pause in the competition to develop a modernized and forward-looking concept for the appreciation of calendaring.

You will find news on this process in this space during 2022.