Photo Calendar Award Bronze


Hiroshi Hatano

Kesennuma Tsubaki Kai, Kesennuma Myagi

Creative Director:
Jumpei Takeuchi,

Shohei Yoshida, shiroi rittai

Print and Further processing:
Sanriku Printing CO. Ltd.

Jury comment:
Ten years after Fukushima, this photo calendar tells of the resurgence of fishing in Kesenuma, one of Japan’s liveliest fishing ports. The photo reportage is designed like a magazine – but with a calendar. In 2011, the harbor and town were largely destroyed by the tsunami and rebuilt with great effort. We meet people who have started from scratch again. Hiroshi Hanato’s pictures tell of how they managed to live dynamically in harmony with the sea again.
The photographs are characterized by their captivating visual language, inspire with authenticity, are emotional and lively. In the motifs the photographer captures movement and dynamics. Thus, one accompanies the Kesenuma fishermen on their fishing boat on the North Pacific Ocean until their return to port.
There is an involuntary feeling of being in the middle of it all. You look into faces tanned by the weather, rejoice at the rich catch in the net, which is auctioned off in the early morning in the rebuilt auction hall. Incredible catches are traded here, shark and swordfish as well as mackerel pike, tuna and shellfish.