REISELUST – Katinka Reinke


Korsch Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Gilching

Conception and Design:
Korsch Verlag

Katinka Reinke

Print and Processing:
Staudigl-Druck GmbH & Co. KG, Donauwörth

Jury comment:
Twelve cheerful travel posters by the Hamburg artist Katinka Reinke adorn this calendar, which is particularly enchanting because of its smaller format (36 x 44 cm). The illustrations in the trendy flat design, a graphically minimalist design style, are characterised by their simple clarity and restrained use of colour. The motifs awaken a longing for our favourite places, bring back memories and take us on an emotional journey. This feeling of being at home and being able to flee to distant destinations at any time is what we currently particularly need. The wall calendar shows an excerpt from the collection of travel illustrations, which is constantly growing. So the hope for a continuation in 2022 is great. For the 2021 annual calendar there is definitely SILVER.