Saugut 2021

Greenpeace Media GmbH, Hamburg

Karin Midwer, Moritz Heitmann

Inka Schnettler

Manfred Jarisch

Merkur Druck GmbH, Norderstedt

Jury comment:
The calendar shows 28 portraits of happy pigs. They live in zoos for dying farm animal breeds or on a life farm of pig friends. For example, Ricki, a rosy German noble pig, escaped on her way to the fattener and now happily scampers around with the farm dogs on an animal grace farm in Bavaria. Not easy to photograph these headstrong, ornery models. With a sure sense for the perfect moment, treats and a little bit of luck, Manfred Jarisch portrayed the piggy shooting stars of the Greenpeace wall calendar 2021. Actually, one word would have been enough to describe this calendar: Saugut!