Druckerei Thieme Meißen GmbH

Thomas Walther, Matthias Creutziger, Ulrich Thieme

Thomas Walther

Matthias Creutziger

Print and further processing:
Druckerei Thieme

Jury comment:
For a year now, we have been trapped behind a mask and in a worldwide pandemic. There is a great search for normality, for life and experience, for encounters. The currently necessary distance to others, which is not easy for us, is symbolized by the black and white photographs of vintage mannequins of the “Golden-Ages” from the show depot of the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer. The enigmatic, magical glances of the doll heads on twelve calendar pages are complemented by half-sentences that viewers can finish. Desire and vision, trust, mistrust, openness or masquerade – conversations with Hanna, Klara, Lissy, Henriette or Josefine. A face mask can be taken from the back cover to fathom the essence behind it. Sheet two of the calendar with the foreword was printed on stak absorbent heavy coffin inlay paper. The substrate was used because of the fate of the photographer, who fell seriously ill with Covid19 in the spring of 2020, had to be artificially ventilated for six weeks and resuscitated three times. Matthias Creutziger narrowly survived, did not come to lie on this paper and instead processed it as a sign of resistance and hope in the calendar. Matthias Creutziger, Ulrich Thieme and Thomas Walter have once again succeeded in presenting the jury with a well thought-out calendar concept. Their passion was rewarded with SILVER