verope AG, Zug CH

Karin Knoblauch, Jo Wickert

wickert medien design GmbH, Meersburg

Karin Knoblauch, Hannah Frey, Susan Stäbler, Rebecca Krehmer, Leonie Thaler

Druckhaus Müller OHG

Further processing:
V4 Veredelung GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Sell Konfektionierung verope AG,

Finalization and packaging:
Druckhaus Müller und wickert medien design GmbH

Jury comment:
Special wire ropes for carrying loads weighing tons are the core competence of verope AG. Nevertheless, the company surprises with an annual calendar that at first glance seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the construction and heavy industry, where verope products are used worldwide. Geometric shapes transform into graphic patterns and combine with fine illustrations. Some sheets are reminiscent of historical wallpaper, others of Oriental faience, still others look like abstract works of art, and some patterns could adorn the windows of houses of worship or old villas. In fact, it is only at second glance, but thus all the more lasting, that one recognizes a piece of verope wire rope in the suspension and a verope rope cross-section in the design on each side. The verope calendar 2021 was intelligently conceived and wonderfully designed by Karin Knobloch and Jo Wickert. It is art for the wall, light in paper choice and long in format. So all sheets are reusable. When a month is over, they can start a second life as wrapping paper.