Casimir Kast Verpackung und Display GmbH, Gernsbach

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Design and Illustration:
amatik Designagentur

Archiv / Collage

Casimir Kast Verpackung und Display

Further processing:
druckriegel GmbH

Jury comment:
With the annual calendar “2021”, Casimir Kast Verpackung und Display GmbH celebrates over 470 years of history and company tradition spanning 13 family generations. What began in 1550 with a wooden rafting company on the Murg and Rhine rivers led to a sawmill in Gernsbach, the start of cardboard production at the beginning of the 20th century and the development of the “Original Kast boxes” 111 years ago to the innovative packaging and display specialist of 2021. Old engravings, manuscripts and historical company documents are finely combined with photographs and modern design elements, black and white dominates, red, green, gold and spot varnishes set important accents. The calendar is presented in special packaging, excellently printed and refined of course in in-house production.