CoffeeCup Kalender 2021

creart – Neidhardt Werbe GmbH, Fulda

creat – Die Werbeagentur. Die Werbeproduktion.

Design, Photography and Illustration:
creart – Die Werbeagentur

creat – Die Werbeproduktion.

Jury comment:
Simple is the hardest! True to this motto, “creart – die Werbeagentur” designed a convincing image calendar as part of a two-year sustainability project. The printing stock consists of recycled disposable paper cups, which, freed from their plastic coatings, were further developed into a new CoffeeCup paper and used in the calendar for the first time. The calendar consists of two pages and shows sea and forest. The perpetual calendar is actively set by the user. The simple message: habitats like our oceans and forests are in danger. Especially in times of pandemic, they are places of longing and refuge. We must value, protect and preserve them. The motifs seem to be alive, so vivid and expressive they appear. The enthusiasm of the jury of experts was as lasting as the calendar.