Traditional printing

Vom Dunkel zum Licht. Von Trauer zur Zuversicht.

Willi Beck, Dachau/Facebook: Manufaktur Willi Beck 

Willi Beck und Gerd Scherm

Willi Beck, Grafik, Bleisatz, Buchdruck
Gerd Scherm, Text

Manufaktur Willi Beck für Bleisatz und Buchdruck

Further processing:
Karl Kretschmer, Laserschnitte. Stefan Alexander, Bindearbeiten

Jury comment:
Death, mourning and the journey of the bereaved back to the light could hardly be treated more sensitively. The use of traditional lead type and letterpress printing techniques by the Willi Beck manufactory is predestined for the sensitive implementation of the theme, as is the choice of formal design and color in the style of the 1960s. The time that mourners need to heal their souls is symbolized by the color of the Gmund and Römerturm printing stock, which changes from dark to light and more luminous, as well as by laser-cut circles that grow larger with each page and expand the view. The separate calendar allows the exact beginning of the individual year of mourning. Short text messages by Gerd Scherm provide comfort and courage.